Kelley Scarsbrook - travel & lifestyle blogger

Welcome to! My name is Kelley Scarsbrook, and I’ve been a national travel and lifestyle journalist, and a passionate traveller, for many years. I wrote for several national newspaper publications about the destinations I visited – and was also lucky enough to interview and review¬†some of the greatest inspirational people of our time including Justin Bieber, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Producer Richard Curtis, Eminem, former President Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.

I loved what I did, but had this gnawing feeling that I wanted to do more. I wanted to create something that would make a lasting and meaningful impact.

Then it hit me.

Why not create a site that combines my two greatest loves? People and travel. Hence, was born. This site reflects what I believe travel and life is truly about – which is more than just the destination, but also the people who you meet along the way. I hope this site will inspire you to move out of the chair you’re in, and get out there to meet the people and the places that you see featured here. The more you travel, the more your world opens up.

We will feature interviews (in addition to beautiful destinations) from people who have interesting lives, jobs and live to inspire. These people create, contribute and challenge us and make us see things in a different way. Travel isn’t just about the world you see through your camera’s lense, but the people and the culture you open yourself up to, that truly impacts your life.

It’s time to go meet the world. It’s waiting for you with open arms.

If you are a writer and want to pitch us an story idea, please get in touch. Let’s share and inspire together!