So in keeping with my goals – the next thing I have decided to participate in, is the Amazing Journey.  What is the Amazing Journey you may ask?

It’s a race for the Ronald McDonald House of BC ! Last year this “amazing” event raised $50,000 to benefit seriously ill children and their families, and I hope this year will raise even more!

Racers (in teams of two) are challenged to raise funds for the House, and then complete a series of fun challenges in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The more difficult the task, the more points to be made! The race will take place on July 16th. And until then, I will be raising money (as per my goal) to help this wonderful charity and raise as much as I can possibly raise for them this year.

One of the most wonderful things that the Ronald McDonald House does for children and families is provide a “home away from home”.  Imagine that your child is suddenly diagnosed with a terrible illness.  That alone would be devastating to any family.  But then to have to leave everything (including your home) to spend weeks, possibly months at the BC Children’s Hospital? It’s every parents worst nightmare. But the people at the Ronald McDonald House, try to help make things a little easier by offering a place to sleep along with all the essentials –  and  to also be with other families who are facing the same issues.  The home offers comfort and peace.

It’s something I have been supporting with my company (Enterprising Moms Network) for the past four years.  And I will continue to do so, on a personal level. And its why its definitely something that is on my list of goals this year.

Will you help support me and this important charity by donating to this charity race?  If you answered a resounding “yes!” – then read on:

 Click this link – and follow these steps: 

1. Under Step 2 choose “Fundraising Event as the Type of Donation and choose “Amazing Journey” as the Event
2.       Select Kelley Scarsbrook as your choice from the drop-down menu, and donate!

I will be posting the results of what I raise in an upcoming blog!

Let’s work together to make the this year a success for all the families of the Ronald McDonald House! Thank you for your support! 🙂