Me, Justin and my 6 year old daughter during his Meet and Greet

Ok -yes, I admit it; it wasn’t just my 6 year old daughter who was thrilled to meet Justin Bieber in person during his “Meet and Greet” prior to his concert.

He is one stylin young man, and he was so gracious to my daughter. We had to endure two hours in a line up to meet him, but it was worth it.

Despite the thousands of screaming girls (and several older women as well), my daughter and I were able to endure it for the sake of our time with “The Biebs”.

When we met him, he was everything we had imagined. With a big smile on his face, he greeted us and complimented my daughter on her t-shirt (she was thrilled). He then took the time for a picture with us and hugged my daughter (I don’t think she will wash that shirt ever again!)

After we had our one-on-one time with Justin Bieber, we had to wait outside with the throngs of screaming fans to enter the concert. Once in, we made our way to our front row seats.

I won’t lie – the view was pretty spectacular. We had tons of leg room, and didn’t have to worry about anyone standing up in front of us to block our view.

Carly Rae Jepson opened for Justin Bieber and she was fantastic and full of energy. So cute. My daughter sang along to several of her songs, including “Call Me Maybe” which had her up dancing.

When she was done, there was a 20 minute break and you could feel the tension and excitement rising in the arena.

Then he came out. And boy, did he make an entrance.

“Age is Just a Number,” read one very distinct red sign, waved around by an enthusiastic 40-something woman.

Bieber striking a move very similar to Michael Jackson’s.


When he began singing “One Less Lonely Girl” (typically reserved for a young girl to join him on stage), several older women crowded the edge of the stage, hands outstretched to touch the musician.

Bieber loved singing to the masses below

Justin never lost steam the whole night and continually surprised the audience with his dance moves during each song – and the large, interactive video screens behind him which acted like mini-movies and provided a background story about the singer.

All in all, it was a really fun and incredible night. One of those moments that you know you will never forget (I know my daughter certainly won’t!)

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And yes, I’m officially a “Belieber“. 😉