Last week I traveled to one of my most anticipated places for my 40 under 40 goals.

Bora Bora has always been the dream place for me to visit “one day”.  Everything they say about Bora Bora is true.  It’s like being in a dream that you never want to wake from.  It was a picture on my desktop screensaver many years ago, and was always a place I  yearned to visit.

The time it took to get there was definitely worth it.  I took a plane from LAX (the only airport you can) to Tahiti.  It was an 8 hour plane ride. I then took another hour plane ride the next morning from Tahiti to Bora Bora Airport.  From there, I took a 40 minute boat ride to my resort, the Sophitel, and stayed on my own private motu (island).

The Mountain on Bora Bora

Although its considered the rainy season in Bora Bora, it was beautiful, sunny and HOT.  As it is very close to the equator, the sun rays are very strong.  I stayed in a villa with a thatched roof over the water.  The water was the colour that resides in our dreams, and that you have to pinch yourself to be reminded that it is REAL. 😉

Black Tipped Sharks waiting for us to swim with them

Life on the island of Bora Bora is laid back, friendly and full of adventure.  While I was there, I was able to swim with the sharks and sting rays (one got exceptionally friendly with my posterior) 😉

Me with an overly-friendly sting ray

Private Island for Picnic and serenading

I picnicked on another private island where I was serenaded and fed local Tahitian food.

Stars such as Brad Pitt, Janet Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy, the Kardashians and so many others, have visited the island to have the same experience. So amazing.

I took in a traditional Tahitian dance show and was invited up to join in.  The people are so friendly and warm and very welcoming.

Relaxing in my over-water Villa drinking fresh coconut water

I could sit for hours staring out at the ocean and when you are there, you truly believe anything is possible.   I’m so happy that this 40 Under 40 Goal was a place I made happen. It’s a destination that people should not put off for “one day” – as Bora Bora is truly paradise on earth.

View from the Motu on the hill