As of my 39th birthday on June 11, 2011, I will begin my mission to accomplish the “Pinnacle” of Life’s Goals for myself before I turn 40 on June 11, 2012.

Why 40?

The first part of my life has been about finding out who I am and discovering my passion.  Now that I have found these things, the next phase of my life should be about fulfilling what I know will bring me joy in my life.

I want to be able to experience all the things that I’ve saved up for another day – and start making them happen today.  And also to show people that the impossible is possible – even for a stay at home mother like myself.  And I think 40 is a great age to pin-point for me.

I do encourage my readers to post their own adventures and life’s goals here as well to share and to motivate others. This blog is about living life to the highest degree – to aspire to what the world deems “impossible” or even a bit crazy. But that’s the kind of opportunity I love – to prove that the impossible is only what we deem it to be.

So I hope you will join me on this journey for the next year to see what I can accomplish and to see what you can accomplish as well.

I will be posting videos of the experiences as well as including other videos that people  want to share, who have accomplished their own goals.

So how many do I want to fulfill?

How about 40?

My life of 40 dreams come true before I turn 40:

  1. Work on an assembly line with chocolate  Done!
  2. Go Zip Lining  Done!
  3. Meet Tony Robbins Done! Nov 3Unleash The Power Within  (Attended as his guest)
  4. Jump out of an airplane Done!
  5. Publish a book Done!
  6. Visit Bora Bora-The most romantic place in the world & sleep in an over water villa.Done!
  7. Throw a huge, crazy party for my 40th birthday Done!
  8. Drive a Ferrari
  9. Learn to snowboard Done!
  10. Own a Louis-Vuitton Purse
  11. Run a half-marathon Done!
  12. Do the Grouse Grind Done!
  13. Go River Rafting Done!
  14. Learn to Rock Climb Done!
  15. Do an entire night out with my friends Done!
  16. Raise money for the Ronald McDonald House $550 raised – Done!
  17. Meet Sir Richard Branson Done!
  18. Learn to Skateboard Done!
  19. Meet Oprah Done!  Met at Tony Robbins Seminar Nov 3
  20. See a sun-rise in White Rock Done!
  21. Fire walkingDone!
  22. Be able to do Bicep Curls of 30 pounds on each armDone!
  23. Volunteer monthly to work at a homeless shelterDone!
  24. Attend an Eminem Concert (Marshall Mathers)Done! Front row in concert July 29th!
  25. Meet Rick Carlisle (2011 NBA World Champion Coach of the Dallas Mavericks)Done!
  26. Go to Hollywood and do the Walk of Fame – Done!
  27. See the Grand Canyon Done!
  28. Visit Costa Rica– Done!
  29. Hike through a rain forest Done!
  30. Tubing – Done!
  31. Appear in a Music Video
  32. Attend a Premier of a Movie & walk down a red carpet in LA Done!
  33. Lose 25 pounds Done! (Lost 35!)
  34. Tour LA Done!
  35. Work in a soup kitchen Done!
  36. Visit Montreal in the summer Done!
  37. Go Snowshoeing – Done!
  38. Get an entire make-over Done!
  39. Swim with Sharks – Done!
  40. Learn to Kayak – Done!

Which one am I going to embark on first on Saturday, June 11, 2011?  Check back on the day to find out and to help me kick off the start to a very exciting  year ahead.