In 1994, a very funny and very true Seinfeld episode aired where the character George Costanza decided to go against his natural intuition and do the “opposite“. And he became extremely successful.

The other day I was thinking how true this was for myself this year. I’ve forced myself outside of my comfort zone with the 40 goals I have taken on. Jumping out of an airplane? Yikes.  Traveling to Costa Rica on my own? Shudder.  What about meeting Tony Robbins and Oprah?  Never.

Only I really did all those things….and I feel empowered.

For most of my adult life, I have talked myself out of certain experiences, opportunities and possible connections with people, simply to put them off for “another day”.

Many of us place limits on what we think we can do or cannot do – out of fear, rejection or just plain failure.

Here’s the reality:  You are 100% guaranteed never to do something if you have already deemed it impossible. Sometimes that inner voice is too quiet and we need to turn the volume up on it.  The other voice that tells us all the reasons we cannot do something (what we deem as natural intuition) is too loud.

It’s time to flip those voices – and instead of telling yourself all the reasons why you cannot do something, look within yourself and come up with THREE good reasons as to why it should work, and how you are going to make it happen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was once asked by a reporter how he could accomplish so many thing in his lifetime and succeed at so much. His answer was simple: “I just looked long enough in one direction.”

Things we want in life may take time – but by no means are they impossible, if you truly want them.

So take a page from George Costanza this week and do “the opposite” of what you normally do.  If you are afraid to call someone, pick up the phone and call. If you want a new job, don’t just complain about it and feel you are trapped – start drafting up that resume.  And if you want to start your own business, start talking to people who have done it and enroll in a start up business seminar.

Life’s too short to limit your possibilities.