So in keeping with my new “40 under 40” project this year – I have had to make a very important decision. I have decided to leave my parenting column “Mom’s Life” of almost six years, and instead, write my adventure column.

The 40 Under 40 adventure column, which will be appearing in the Surrey Now newspaper at the end of July (which will hopefully be syndicated in the coming months) will explore each of my goals and take readers on an exciting journey with me to fulfilling each one.

We always hate to leave the familiar behind.  As a mom, I have had a wonderful time writing about being a parent, what my children have taught me, and more than anything – connecting with my readers on so many parent-related topics.  Six years is a long time to write a parenting column and its been so rewarding on so many levels.

However, as we all know – life changes and we either change with it or stay in the same place.  I am choosing to take that leap of faith – and with the support of my newspaper – have decided to evolve it in to an adventure column instead.

Last year, I had the immense pleasure of working as a reporter for the newspaper. I interviewed fascinating people and was able to do so many fun things.  What stands out the most for me was teaching readers something new every couple of weeks. For instance: I had an inside peek in to the life of a bartender, and learned how to mix some really tasty cocktails (and fyi – discovered that bartenders really do lead very fun lives) 😉  I learned how to do henna, how to carve pumpkins, how to play professional poker, how to read tea leaves, and so on. But the most fun I had was learning how to fly an ultra-light airplane. You can see me here in the airplane and read the article HERE – it was absolutely amazing.

And I think that’s what really sparked my idea to do the 40 Under 40.  I heard from so many readers about my “Learning” articles and how it inspired them to try new things.  That’s the whole point of life – isn’t it? If we aren’t really LIVING our lives – what are we doing?

So with that said – I say good bye to “Mom’s Life” this month – and hello to “40 Under 40“. It’s a whole new journey in my life……and one that I hope you will join me on.