During spring break, I decided to fulfill another 40 Under 40 goal, and visit the Grand Canyon. I have never been to Arizona, but thought it would be a great time to take the kids and do some exploring.

Despite what people think about Arizona being hot during the winter months, the climate actually changes quite dramatically depending on what area you are in.  For instance, if you are in Mesa, Arizona, the temperature is around 85 – 90 degrees.  However, when you make your way towards Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon (approximately a five hour drive), it dips down to a cool 6 degrees.  The Grand Canyon actually had snow in various areas.

However, nothing took away from the sheer beauty and awe-inspiring views of the Grand Canyon.  We even went back at sunset to take in the glorious colours that blanket the Canyon at twilight.

Whether we were horseback riding through the desert, hanging out at the Galaxy Diner on the famous Route 66 in Flagstaff or experiencing the wild west in Goldfield’s Ghost town – there was so much to see and do on our way to seeing the Grand Canyon!

Galaxy Diner on Route 66

Goldfield Ghost Town

Loved being able to fulfill this 40 Under 40 goal (and so did the kids!)