welcome to my travel blog

Welcome to my new travel and lifestyle site!

I took a year off from my travels as I moved last year from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada to Sacramento, California in the United States. Talk about a big move!

I needed time to adjust, regroup, and decide what I wanted to do for the next chapter of my life.

Travel continues to play a large part in my life, despite me living in a different country. Now that I have my bearings, I think its time to start writing again.

I’m going to be featuring interviews on this site – from people who have interesting lives, jobs and live to inspire. These people create, contribute and challenge us –  they make us see things in a different way. They make our world a better place to live.

This site will also feature beautiful travel destinations from around the world.

It’s time to go meet the world.

cooperation-1301790_640Also – if you are a writer, get in touch with me. I would love to share your travels and interviews as well on this site. I’m open to suggestions from readers – so send them through!

Please join me on this next adventure to go meet the world, learn about the people living there, and hopefully inspire you to get out there and see it for yourself! 🙂

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