Today was a banner day.  By luck, Sir Richard Branson visited Vancouver today at the Vancouver Board of Trade.  As he was on my 40 Under 40 list, I thought I would have to travel to meet him. However, as it turned out, he came here.

Me and the “Virgin Airlines” Gals

He had several meetings booked today, as Virgin Airlines is now flying direct from Vancouver to London.

He spoke at the Vancouver Board of Trade with 1,400 in attendance on everything from business to his personal life to the future.

He is an incredible man. He is someone who has inspired me to dream big and to NEVER think anything is impossible.

On arriving at the luncheon at the Vancouver Convention Centre, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who came out to hear him speak (media aside).

I noticed lots of “tweets” happening prior to the luncheon and soon realized that he was having lunch at a nearby table.  That’s when I got up out of my chair to speak with him.

Sir Richard Branson speaking on stage

He was with many business people at a table and was engrossed in a conversation when I approached him.  I waited and when the time was right, I introduced myself and shook his hand.

We talked about the impact he is making in the world and how he has  inspired so many people like myself.  He was very charming and extremely easy to talk to.

He was also very gracious and allowed me to take a picture with him.

His talk was very illuminating and it was amazing to hear about all the things he has accomplished in his life, and things that he still wants to do (like space travel).

It was an honour to meet  him and I feel that despite having a few more goals to go on my list before my birthday in June – this was definitely one of the most memorable.