I’ve officially hit my one year mark. I turned 40 and completed 40 of my life goals.

Some were simple – some were extremely hard and some had to change.

For a 30-second overview of some of my favourite goals achieved – check out this music video montage:


Over the past year I’ve learned a great deal about life, and about myself.  Somewhere in the midst of trying to achieve my goals, I discovered that I wasn’t alone in doing them.

I received emails and tweets from strangers who were inspired to do their own goals. I’ve connected with people I’ve idolized my entire life who understood what I was attempting, and made countless friends along the way.

I dove head first in to adventures that only existed in my dreams.

One thing I know for sure is that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. The only limit to life is the one we put upon ourselves. Through all my adventures, travels and people that I’ve met, I realized that although I had an entire lifetime to make them come true -somehow setting a time frame on it, pushed me to actually accomplish them.  Human nature tends to put things off for “another day”.

But I ask you this: What happens if that day never arrives?  Or when it’s simply too late.

Take action today with your life. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do – do it – start working towards it.

And as for me – well, I’m not done. I may have completed my 40 goals, but its only driven me to continue down this path to take on new adventures and strive to be the best person I can be.

Today – I finished up that last two goals I had on my list.

I am now the proud owner of a Louis Vuitton Hand bag. It’s as amazing and beautiful as I imagined and although it is a “thing” – it is a thing that I’ve always dreamed of owning….and now I do.

Me in a 2012 Ferrari California taking it for a spin

The other goal was to drive my dream car – a Ferrari. And this morning, I did exactly that. The car was stunning and I had so much fun driving it around Vancouver.

Look out Vancouver!

I think red suits me better in the Ferrari California

I was also able to check it out in both black AND red. 😉

The sticker price? $250,000.

The power behind the car was incredible. If you think all cars are the same – you need to take a ride in one because trust me when I say – they are definitely NOT. 😉

Here is the final check-list of 40 Under 40 Completed:

  1. Work on an assembly line with chocolate  Done!
  2. Go Zip Lining  Done!
  3. Meet Tony Robbins Done! Nov 3Unleash The Power Within  (Attended as his guest)
  4. Jump out of an airplane Done!
  5. Publish a bookDone!
  6. Visit Bora Bora-The most romantic place in the world & sleep in an over water villa.Done!
  7. Throw a huge, crazy party for my 40th birthday Done!
  8. Drive a Ferrari – Done!
  9. Learn to snowboard Done!
  10. Own a Louis-Vuitton Purse Done!
  11. Run a half-marathon Done!
  12. Do the Grouse Grind Done!
  13. Go River Rafting Done!
  14. Learn to Rock Climb Done!
  15. Do an entire night out with my friends Done!
  16. Raise money for the Ronald McDonald House $550 raised – Done!
  17. Meet Sir Richard Branson Done!
  18. Learn to Skateboard Done!
  19. Meet Oprah Done!  Met at Tony Robbins Seminar Nov 3
  20. See a sun-rise in White Rock Done!
  21. Fire walkingDone!
  22. Celebrate turning 40 in Las VegasDone!
  23. Volunteer monthly to work at a homeless shelterDone!
  24. Attend an Eminem Concert (Marshall Mathers)Done! Front row in concert July 29th!
  25. Meet Rick Carlisle (2011 NBA World Champion Coach of the Dallas Mavericks)Done!
  26. Go to Hollywood and do the Walk of Fame – Done!
  27. See the Grand Canyon Done!
  28. Visit Costa Rica– Done!
  29. Hike through a rain forest Done!
  30. Tubing – Done!
  31. Appear in a Music Video Done!
  32. Attend a Premier of a Movie & walk down a red carpet in LA Done!
  33. Lose 25 pounds Done! (Lost 35!)
  34. Tour LA Done!
  35. Work in a soup kitchen Done!
  36. Visit Montreal in the summer Done!
  37. Go Snowshoeing – Done!
  38. Get an entire make-over Done!
  39. Swim with Sharks – Done!
  40. Learn to Kayak – Done!

And now – as I have officially hit 40 and am no longer “under” it, I shall wrap up this year by stating that I’m not done by a long shot……..so stay tuned to see the next chapter… “After 40“. 😉